Architecta Tavern

+375 TARGOVISHTE Architecta Tavern is the clearest example that the seemingly cold and supposedly only calculating architectural mind is able to create warm atmosphere and feeling of satisfaction. After visiting this place, I usually think that science people should be engaged in culinary…   Comments comments



Balgaran Attraction-Picnic

+200 KAZANLAK Undoubtedly, this is the most notable pub in Kazanlak! Fire dancers, folk dancing, cheverme can be seen only here… Well, cheverme could be seen and tasted somewhere else, but if you want, this is the place where you can also prepare by yourselves what you like on the grill… Comments comments



Kaizera Tavern

+190 ORESHAK VILLAGE The place where every year in September is celebrated the Plum Feast and proven masters demonstrate how homemade rakia is distilled in Oreshak Village. The disputes about the best homemade plum rakia and appetizer last three days until the feast lasts. But even if you miss the event, you do not need […]



Aida Tavern

+96 SMILYAN VILLAGE Where else one could go, if she/he wants to aet well prepared Smilyan been, if this is not in Smilyan. But do not limit yourself tasting only the beans – in Aida tavern all the traditional Rhodope dishes are prepared incredibly well – patatnik, marudnik, parenik and the traditional Rhodope klin banitsa. […]



Chiflika Tavern

+58 RUSE Before the coming New Year, we add one more place to the 100 list. Our choice fell on Chiflika Tavern about a month ago after the test we made ( a two-day tour of all pubs to which we managed to get). For a long time it has not happened to us to […]




+58 Samokov If half of your friends have firmly decided to take a hike to Maliovitza mountain and to sleep on tents near Urdiny Lakes and the other half – to take a hike to Musala and Marichiny Lakes with sleeping at Zavratchiza – don’t argue at all! Just invite the whole party to one […]



Dalyana Beer House

+57 FISHING VILLAGE, BOURGAS Every sea town diligently hides its best fish restaurant. Until recently, Bourgas was good at it. You won’t see no ads or signs on the rest stop to Rosenets Park on the Bourgas – Sozopol road. But there, in the fishing village is Dalyana Beer-House, the place where the fish is […]



Tryavna Beer-House

+51 TRYAVNA Belgium and Tryavna are closer than you think and the concrete meeting between them is in Tryavna Beer-House. The architecture of the Bulgarian national revival collides with the Belgian brewing here and the result is really great! The products and the beer recipes are Belgian, the pub – Bulgarian and the whole brewing […]



The Log House

+48 BANSKO If you feel like drinking and eating in an entirely wooden pub assembled only by wooden logs, you no longer need to travel all the way to Finland. You can visit the only such a pub in Bulgaria – The Log House in Bansko! Don’t get us wrong – the feeling is not […]



Rock Tavern Red Rock

+46 Varna, Asparuhovo beach On the Asparuhovo beach a new term has been introduced in the catering and drinking – Rock Tavern. However, the typical tavern wheels of carts, small spouts, etc. are replaced by rock attributes and alcohol ads here. In a few words, I am talking about a cool rock music pub on […]



Tihiyat Kat

+43 SLOKOSHTITSA VILLAGE When somebody looks at the ”Tihiyat Kat” menu, he will immediately find out why it is in our list. This is not even a menu. It is a culinary newspaper – with a number, year, etc. nad the news there are shocking in terms of all indicators – price, quality, quantity and […]



Kalimanski Hahn

+43 KALIMANTSI VILLAGE Blessed by your Kalima, crossed the inn gates, you will have the possibility to discover originality, traditions and style. The magic in this interesting and cozily place will turn your visit into experience. And if you have decided to share it with friends, send them a dove from Kalimantsi and gather a […]



Razlog Maaza

+42 RAZLOG When somebody mentions Maazata, everybody somehow naturally thinks of the pub “Razlog Maaza’ and not for example of the cave in Karlovo region. We did the same thing, even before the recommendations of the 100 pubs fans about Maazata but until this moment the pub was not included in our list. We are […]



Restaurant Diva

+42 BLAGOEVGRAD “Divata” is situated on the Bistritsa River bank. It is very close to the Blagoevgrad centre, at the beginning of Bachinovo Park. Attention! Go there only if you are really hungry! This is the only place in which I have ever seen a hungry 100 kg guy who cannot finish eating his mish-mash. […]



Dalboka Mussel Farm

+42 CAPE KALIAKRA BAY Dalboka Mussel Farm is so popular that it needs neither description nor advertising. Actually, the restaurant is so popular that it is known not only in Bulgaria, but also in neighbouring countries, an evidence for this fact is the Romanian visitors continuous interest. Even if you have not visited it, you […]



Truhchev Tavern

+41 ELENA There are many beauties and pleasures in Elena Balkan but after the exhausting tours of nature trails everything always ends in the pub. We recommend Truhchev House. That’s because the products here come from the boss’ farm and how local people say – a table with a round of deer and homemade rakia […]



Omurtagov Most

+41 Veliki Preslav If archaeologists and historians did their best to show us the old capital brilliance, then in Omurtagov Most we can also become familiar with the culinary history of Preslav region. If you ask here, lamb with dock, ribs of carp, snail soup with nettles, carrots with sesame and to tell you goodbye […]



Bratyata Pub

+36 KOVACHEVITSA If you are tired of civilization and fond of Western Rhodopes, go to Kovachevitsa. The village is an architectural reserve with preserved architecture of the Bulgarian national revival – the houses are made of stone and only the top floor is made of wood and the roofs are of arranged stones as well. […]




+36  Pzardjik Comments comments



Popsheitanova Kashta

+36 Shumen When I pass through Shumen, it is obligatory for me to visit Popsheitanovata Kashta. “Devilishly” great choice – ranging from shrimps to rabbit, delicious food and very reasonable prices. At least up to now, I have not discovered a better pub in the region for eating and drinking in plenty. Comments comments



Pri Slavchev Tavern

+35 SHIROKA LAKA VILLAGE If you have started an exploratory mission in the Rhodopes or you just hunt beautiful views with a camera in your hand, then “Pri Slavchev Tavern” in Shiroka Laka is the place for a rest and tasty dishes. And if you are lucky fellow, this is the place where you can […]



Chinarite Restaurant

+34 VELINGRAD   I can tell you about the Dinosaur steak, which is offered in Chinarite, but I prefer to find it out by yourselves… Instead, I will notice the restaurant pride – the good and very fast service. It is so good that there is a questionnaire sheet at every table, in which you […]



RockIt Bar

+34 SOFIA On two floors with a total area of 900 square meters, divided into 7 halls, each one in different style, having over 300 seats, live scene and excellent musical equipment – RockIt is definitely the rock fans’ fulfilled dream and their favourite place in the capital. Unique of its kind, the bar offers […]



Snack Bar Malkiya Inter

+33 Veliko Tarnovo Close to the end of the Veliko Tarnovo main street you find yourself in a “small” snack bar “Malkia Inter”. Small garden in front, closing tables, atmosphere of antiquarian Parisian space which you enjoy finding by yourself. It is rumoured that this was Burov’s house. You can also see it as a […]



Rozhenski Han

+33 ROZHEN Speaking of homemade dishes, we can’t miss the right moment to mention Rozhenskia Han. The owner – Handzi Blago- prepares wonderful homemade milk and cow cheese. In addition, the he cultivates by himself the salad products. The homemade bread also requires special care. Or, as a friend said: “If you want to eat […]



Emona Ship

+33 KARDZHALI DAM Emona Ship is a true landmark of Kardzhali reservoir. It was built in the early 40s and until the mid-70s performed regular passenger courses along our coast. Through a unique logistical operation it was transferred to the reservoir in 1979. The tugboat crashed on the way and this accident turned into the […]



Maistor Nedzho Restaurant

+32 GUELEMANOVO VILLAGE   The best food on Trakia highway! Maistor Nedzho is situated behind Pazardzhik Shell, in direction towards Sofia, but even if you started for the sea, you could turn to the other side and use the pedestrian underpass. A shishche portion arrives along with four salads here and it is certainly one […]



Ale House

+32 SOFIA, PLOVDIV, LOZENETS The menu: a culinary novel, edition of the series “World Classics”. Publishers: lovers of ale beer. The plot in general: an invitation to escape and find an interesting social environment at the pub. Culinary hits can be discovered inside: fluffy yellow cheese fried in ale beer; duck hearts with rum, roasted […]



Milano Restaurant

+31 SMOLYAN   What can you do in Smolyan? A variety of things, but here are my three points in a standard sequence: – To watch the stars in the planetarium. – To hit the bells in the museum. – To drink a few beers in Milano Restaurant. I acknowledge that the last point takes […]



Starata Kashta Tavern

+30 TROYAN Undoubtedly, Starata Kashta Tavern is the place for drinking plum rakia. The cuisine is traditional Bulgarian, and especially, the meats are wonderfully prepared. The pub comes to the standards of the traditional folk-style, which makes you feel like drinking more and the house itself is old enough to believe that drinking and the […]



Shapkovata Krachma

+29 VILLAGE OF DELCHEVO As a part of the new additions to the 100 pubs, we would like to introduce “Shapkovata Krachma” to you! Despite our numerous trips around the country, we had not reached to Village of Delchevo before the 100 pubs fans recommend it. Thanks for that! At the very moment we entered […]



Hadzhidraganovite Izbi/Kashti

+29 SOFIA As the last comments on our facebook page were sort of “why the texts are only in Bulgarian?” and “please recommend me a restaurant with traditional Bulgarian cuisine in Sofia when I can take my friends to taste some typical meals of the country” I am more than happy to present you the […]




+29 GRADETS VILLAGE, KOTEL MUNICIPALITY Karadzheikata is hidden three kilometers from Gradets Village, on Luda Kamchiya Bank. Despite the fact that the pub is situated next to Kotel, it is well known to Varna and Bourgas people. If you are wondering how to combine the feeling that you are among nature with the comfort of […]



Fenerite Complex

+29 KMETOVTSI VILLAGE An original place in the Middle Balkan Mountains foot – Kmetovtsi Village has unique architecture and nature and not less remarkable pub. It is situated in the centre in an inn which was opened before the Liberation of Bulgaria – in 1865. The inn is restored and now welcomes guests under the […]



Chaika Restaurant

+28 A PART OF CHAIKA HOTEL, VRATSA Chaika is in the very passage Vratsata, a few minutes walk from the Vratsa centre and at the same time – approach to the Vratsa Balkan. A place where you can stretch out next to the lake with the water wheels and sip quietly a random combination of […]



The Beer House

+28 STARA ZAGORA MINERAL BATHS Although we usually do not include in 100 Pubs lists restaurants, that are a part of hotel complexes, sometimes we do it. The reasons are mainly associated with the good food and service in the particular pub, but it is also obligatory for the pubs to have something more which […]



Pri Pampi

+27 PANCHAREVO …for the most popular chicken wings marinated in soy sauce in entire Sofia! And that’s because it is a challenge not only to manage to conform your personal program to the pub working time – it opens at 6 p.m., Sunday is a holiday but you have to find free seats when you […]



Restaurant Romeo and Juliet

+26 Bourgas We all have eaten pizzas and pasta and the restaurants which offer them are countless. But if it comes to real Italian cuisine, the places in Bulgaria where you can taste it are a really limited number. In our opinion, the best of these places is the recently opened Italian restaurant “Romeo and […]



Madonna Tavern- Belogradchik/ Madonna Inn – Falkovets

+26 BELOGRADCHIK/FALKOVETS NEIGHBOURHOOD, YANOVETS VILLAGE No matter whether you will choose the tavern in Belogradchik or the inn in Falkovets – and in both places you can get Torlashki dishes, characteristic only of this region. Special recommendation for “Bel Muzh” – a traditional northern region meal which has not been available in the pubs for […]



Starcha Tavern

+25 Zheravna Village Seeing the 200 architecture monuments requires taking a lot of rests and refreshing drinks. And about the rich meals of Zheravna – we recommend them after seeing Russi Chorbadzhi Museum and the Church! Comments comments



Svishtov Restaurant

+24 Svishtov “Svishtov Restaurant” is amazing and the building which houses as if tells a story…It was built in 1836 by Grigor Nachovich and it is the birthplace of the first Bulgarian finance minister Dimitar Nachovich. In addition, the first Bulgarian community centre was founded in the same house twenty years later. Aleko Konstantinov was […]



Slanchevata Krachma

+24 RAZLOG If you are tired of throwing huge sums of money on pubs during the winter ski vacation or after climbing Vihren, you can party all night long in Slanchevata Krachma on the outskirts of Razlog. The pub is brightly shining proof that even in the most severely affected by tourism places as the […]



Staroto Selo

+23 Sliven Now, we can tell you exactly what you should do in Sliven before continuing the nightlife – lay in a good meal! You should be even careful because “Staroto Selo” predisposes to overeating. The furnace works tirelessly here and it is never known what exactly is baked inside. In addition, the grate with […]




+22 STUDENTSKI GRAD, SOFIA What is the sense of writing… it’s all clear here… Stroezha is iconic place and that is all! “ The different place” – I will just say – you can meet old faces and new savages… but I stop writing! Finally: Stroezha closes for a month, but it will open after […]



Starata Kashta

+22 ENINA VILLAGE, KAZANLAK The cool of the Balkans and cheverme and parlenkas aromas, roasting on fire… This unique feeling will offer you a really “old” house. It is peculiar and original, preserved in time by an old Enina family, a home for baptisms and contracting civil marriage until ’89. Nowadays, it is a unique […]



Site Balgari Zaedno

+22                  SOFIA The folk songs and dances fans have long found a place where they feel at home. “Site Balgari Zaedno” is one of the few pubs in Sofia in which there is live music every night no matter what time of the week it is. So, if you feel like dancing, there is […]




+21 Kiten The restaurant is just impressive – it is a unique place for the Black Sea coast. It is specific and exotic with design as if came from a magazine for travelers and lovers of drinks outdoors. It not only has Tarzan look but also the Zanzibar presence. If you have not been there, […]



Pri Monahinite

+18 VARNA Who can boast youself about tasting the salad “A Memory In The Chapel” in the yard of hundred-year-old chapel? And if this yard is also an entrance to the only museum of medicine and its history on the Balkan Peninsula? And all these things almost in the Sea Garden? The only person who […]



The Old Dobrich Eating-House

+16 DOBRICH Imagine that you are walking about in the historic part of Dobrich. Would not it be wonderful to take a rest in the cool yard of any pub with authentic atmosphere and highly varied menu? If your answer is “yes”, stop imagining and just head for The Old Dobrich Eating-House. The people here […]



Dyavolski Vodi Inn

+14 PASTRA VILLAGE Just ten kilometers before the Rila Monastery, a nice pub has the suprising name for this area – “Devil’s Water Inn”. However, the name does not come from intentional contrast with one of the biggest Bulgarian cultural sites. It comes from the view which you can see from the pub, towards the […]



Saloon – the American Pub

+12 BANKYA Hey, Dok! Have you ever wondered what the feeling would be to jump from the saddle, to tie the horse in front of the pub, to hit the swinging doors and to drink a big whiskey on the bar? You have no reason to wonder now – you can try it in “Saloon” […]



Il Mondo

+10 STARA ZAGORA Bar ll Mondo is the perfect continuation after you have eaten in Venetsia Pizzeria. If you are looking for a different bar in night Stara Zagora with good and varied music, then this is your place. Here reigns friendly atmosphere and the cool drinks go imperceptibly, but whatever happens do not miss […]



Luliaka Island

+8  RUSE An attractive and nice place in Ruse West Park. It is advisable for a romantic walk or a first date. The local citizens’ favourite pub – Luliak – it is situated on only five minutes from the town. The restaurant tables are right above the water. So, if you arrive by canoe or […]