Augusta Sports and Entertainment Complex


The seasons of the year, in which visiting the City of Montana gives pleasure, delight and surprise, are two: late spring and the long summer. The vegetation is all around you and the water flows in abundance.

The place, where the last thing is very observed, is the biggest entertaining facility in Northwest Bulgaria “Augusta”.

Situated on the Ogosta Reservoir famous wall, the complex allures with two pools, cool bungalows, nice restaurants, beach bars, a German beer house.

If the heat force you to go away from the town, the path is one – to the pools, to the water slide and at nightfall – if you want tennis, if you want volleyball or beach football – just invite your friends.

Eyes barely get enough of the view – Balkan Mountains in the distance, the captivating pools – in front of you and between them – Augusta Reservoir azure and might.

With a cocktail glass ( the choice is stunningly big ) you soar trying to recall the chocolate summers of the school years when you play truant in order to lie down on the pool beach, playing cards.

The complex organizes parties in the summer and it is a favourite place for the motorcycle festival in the town.

Visit on time!







на стената на язовир Огоста


096 307 525




от юни до септември


(Bulgarian) 43.398708, 23.214628

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