Hadzhidraganovite Izbi/Kashti


As the last comments on our facebook page were sort of “why the texts are only in Bulgarian?” and “please recommend me a restaurant with traditional Bulgarian cuisine in Sofia when I can take my friends to taste some typical meals of the country” I am more than happy to present you the new member of the Top 100 Restaurants club.
No matter in which of both restaurants that we are talking about you would go – Hadzhidraganovite Izbi or Hadzhidraganovite Kashti – you will find the main country meals as well as the authenthic atmosphere of the typical Bulgarian renaissance house. The fretwork is hand carved, the coaches are carved with Kotel rugs and the small pillows are made of apron costumes.
The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian traditional cuisine as well as selected native specialties – St George’s Day lamb, homemade flat sausage served in a hot tile, banitsa with Turkish delight. In addition, you can find here wide selection of Bulgarian wines for connoisseurs as well as homemade rakia, red wormwood and homemade elder juice. And if you are folk music fan and live at that, here is the party every evening from Wednesday till the end of week.
And finally, for the coziness of the foreign guests, the whole menu is translated in English and the staff used it on conversational level so you can relax and just say “Nazdrave” instead of translated different types of lamb sausages in foreign languages… :)



Минко Михайлов




гр. София, ул. Христо Белчев 18 (до кръстовището с ул. Солунска)


02 981 81 48; 0898 775 936






10% еднократна отстъпка


42.692898, 23.321278

One thought on “Hadzhidraganovite Izbi/Kashti

  1. Чудесна обстановка и много вкусна храна – препоръчвам! Но, нищо не бяха чували за 100 национални кръчми, камо ли за печат;

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