Milano Restaurant



What can you do in Smolyan? A variety of things, but here are my three points in a standard sequence:

– To watch the stars in the planetarium.

– To hit the bells in the museum.

– To drink a few beers in Milano Restaurant.

I acknowledge that the last point takes the most time but this is the place for drinking, eating and party, and as it should be – one stays a long time in such places. The last point is so long because of the prices which are really reasonable. In addition, the permanent discount that is made for these ones who have “The 100 Pubs” books can make you consider ordering a few pages from the menu at once… At the end of April the owners announced that everybody who had more than 50 prints in his book received 20 % discount!!!






бул. България 22 л


0878 234 647


не работи в неделя


5% постоянна отстъпка при поставяне на печат или покупка на книжка

20% за притежатели на книжки с 50 и повече печата!!!


(Bulgarian) 41.576354, 24.708666

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