Pri Monahinite


Who can boast youself about tasting the salad “A Memory In The Chapel” in the yard of hundred-year-old chapel?
And if this yard is also an entrance to the only museum of medicine and its history on the Balkan Peninsula?
And all these things almost in the Sea Garden?
The only person who can boast about an achievement is this one who has already been at “Pri Monahinite”. He got historical and spiritual enlightenment. He made a culinary journey around the Bulgarian cuisine from different regions of the country. This person is satisfied when keeps the fast, eating from the great variety of vegetarian dishes. Such a guy is impressed by the possibility to taste a St George’s Day lamb with a bunch of geranium, ritual breads or Easter cake. He is warmed by the waitresses’ friendly care, graceful in their suits from stylized Bulgarian embroidery and monastery allusions.
When you are leaving the chapel, walking on the stone slabs, bearing the hedonist fire in your heart and with the sailor pain after leaving his wharf, you say to yourself:
“ I will be back soon!”




Минко Михайлов




бул. Приморски №47


052 / 611 830



5% еднократна отстъпка при покупка на книжка или поставяне на печат


(Bulgarian) 43.199608, 27.921132

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3 thoughts on “Pri Monahinite

  1. Цени,по-високи от очакваното и грамаж,по-малък от обявеното! Нищо особено като заведение…

  2. Пълно разочарование. Високи цени и малки порции. Когато попитахме за печат ни казаха, че е заключен в касата и да изчакаме до 17 часа когато щяла да дойде собственичката и да ни подпечати книжките.

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