If half of your friends have firmly decided to take a hike to Maliovitza mountain and to sleep on tents near Urdiny Lakes and the other half – to take a hike to Musala and Marichiny Lakes with sleeping at Zavratchiza – don’t argue at all! Just invite the whole party to one spot after hikes – in tavern The Old House, Samokov.
Apart from the obvious advantage to be in the middle between Musala and Maliovitza, the tavern has a few additional scores. The delicious food, decent prices and big portions enough to feed a hungry tourist and everybody hiking Rila Mountain knows how difficult this is… Special recommendations for traditional bread baked in the tavern and for the beans of monastery. And if you wonder about the classic combination type “Sunday morning” – stop hesitate – the “shkembe” soup is very nice and goes with beer very well!
But you don’t have to believe us – try as many different dishes as you want – they all are really good!



Минко Михайлов




2000 ул. „Захари Зограф“ 13 2000 Самоков


088 588 2828


Работно време : 10:00 - 00:00; без почивен ден


42.329364, 23.563981

One thought on “THE OLD HOUSE

  1. Чудесна битова обстановка – аз бях в червената одая, с прекрасен изглед към старинната църква! Менюто съдържа вкусни ястия – тиганичките са приготвени много по различно от кръчмите в Източните Родопи, например! Можете да се нахраните и само със салата “Старата къща”, съдържаща какво ли не; А за финал изпих кафето си на двора, сред зеленина и уют! Препоръчвам най-отговорно!

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